Are you sick and tired of not only being sick and tired, but having no one understand what you're actually going through? Are you tired of your friends regretting asking how you've been feeling over a meal, where you're picking over salad and they actually didn't want to hear how shitty you've been doing?

Are you tired of having to pass on going out to eat or party, because you don't feel like drinking seltzer and eating carrot sticks, and also feel obligated to be scouring the internet for endless hours for any info that might help your symptoms?

At the times my gut was at its worst, having a support group of people also going through SIBO and gut issues was pretty much my saving grace! You have no idea how many times I called my one friend with SIBO as bad as mine – crying and normally in hysterics – she was the only one who was really able to understand what I was feeling and what I was going through.

I've gotten dozens of emails from others all around the world – who were looking for that same connection… And thus, in my mind, this beautiful forum baby was birth ed in all her glory.

This is the perfect place to introduce yourself and actually BE yourself. This is a safe space – you can be candid about how you're feeling (no one afraid to talk poop and bodily functions here!), not be judged on how you may look right now (bone skinny or obese), and free to bitch and moan about how awful you feel (or how bad you feel like your current doctor is) without anyone being all, “Don't be so depressed…” trying to make you feel better.

Any trolls or nasty people will be banned from this forum faster than you can say, “I can't eat gluten,”. Seriously though, love and good vibes only.

I want this forum to be the hand you grab onto when you don't know where else to turn, the place where you can meet buddies who will be there to answer your call when you need to vent about how you haven't pooped in six days, and one of the only places on the internet where you won't be judged for sharing your symptoms, story, fears, and successes. I know what it feels like to need this space.

Please read our Guidelines and Tips Tab to understand the playground rules that help us ensure the space stays safe and useful for everyone.

Once you’ve done that, head over to the “Intro's Please” tab, because I can't freaking wait to meet you, beautiful soul, you. I love you already.

xo, Melissa


1) No promotion. While we personally LOVE and support small business and self employment, promotion of any kind takes away from the collaborative, free, sharing of this space. Definition of promo: -selling anything (product, services, course, program, paid event). If you have something you’d feel is helpful for the group – run it by me first and we’d be happy to share!

2) Avoid posting a link to your OWN website (praising others and posting THEIR links is okay, we love shouting out other awesome businesses)

3) Don’t post links to your social media profiles. If someone asks you for it, that’s okay

Don’t offer a “free consultation” of any kind. Again, this falls under promo, but thought we’d add it ; If someone asks how they can work with you or connect with you, that is okay.

Private Messages. No messaging members of the group if they didn't address you in the group first. No spamming each other in private messages.

4) Be nice! If you’re here it’s because you need a safe space to feel supported. This is a place for helping others. Not criticizing. Check in with yours elf before you post.

Offer support. Of course you want to find answers for your own SIBO problems. Keep in mind that we are all here to do that, and collaborating, sharing, and offering feedback (not just getting feedback) keeps us connected and thriving.

5) Privacy, please! All of the content posted in the group should not be shared unless you have explicit permission from the original poster first. This group is a safe space for you to cry, ask for help, and share private details of your SIBO journey and personal experience. It can be uncomfortable being really vulnerable at first – so if anyone posts information that feels super personal, show love to keep vulnerability hangovers to a minimum!

6) Do not personal message any members of the group or email people spamming or pitching them your services after you find them. If we discover this, you will be banned from the group.

7) Please do not post documents/files not created or uploaded by Beat SIBO. There’s already so much conflicting information out there we want to keep that to a minimum. Also, If documents from outside sources are posted with conflicting information that an individual follows – if it’s detrimental to their health journey, Beat SIBO could be held liable.

8) Have FUN – even if you’re angry! SIBO is serious enough – remember to play, laugh, cry when you need, and not shut down any of your emotions. We’re here for you, and this is your space for you to enjoy, learn, and connect!