Melissa Steele,

I always find “About Me’s” difficult to write, as I find them too formal, and more often than not, quite stuffy.  I wish I could meet all of you in person, so you could see firsthand what I’m all about, but since that’s not possible, I’ll do the best I can with this.

My name is Melissa Steele and I was diagnosed with “IBS” at age 24.

I refused to accept the diagnosis and investigated the cause of my pain on my own.

If I were to have to pick three ways to describe myself, I’d say:

I’m an entrepreneur, lover of life, and newfound food advocate. 

I enjoy living life to the max, doing what makes me happy, and following my dreams each and every day.  I’m a Real Estate Agent by day, blogger by night, and support system for those with SIBO at any time, anywhere.  I keep a lifestyle blog called Rhythm of Our Lives, which is my personal platform for sharing life’s blessings, hardships, and how I “dance to the beat of my own drum”.  I have a passion for Real Estate and financial education, and strive to learn something new every day.  

Dealing with my health issues and constant pain taught me a lot.  I learned so much about myself, gained an understanding of what it means to deal with an unknown health issue, and I now have a much deeper connection and empathy for those dealing with chronic pain.   

I suffered from my gut issues for years but was always too busy or preoccupied to notice or care.

My Journey with SIBO and Candida was a wake-up call to live life differently, identify my higher purpose, and become more in tune to my body and the outstanding world around me. 
I hope I can help you do the same.

My journey with Candida and SIBO was eye opening.  I learned so much about myself and now realize how desperately I needed to slow down and appreciate life's blessings.  The months I spent too sick to do much of anything left me with an endless stream of thoughts.  I read, I cried, I argued with the demons in my head.  It's amazing how immense pain can lead to incredible self-realization and growth.

After finally getting rid of the bacteria and yeast that had been living in my gut for so long, I set out on the journey to rebuild my gut, something that will take years to accomplish.  However, while I work towards achieving a healthier and more stable gut condition, I desperately found myself wanting to help and connect with others going through the same thing.  Looking back on my days of depression and the burden of beating my health issues alone, I knew I wanted to help. is my attempt to connect with others going through their own gut issues - whether that be SIBO, candida, h-pylori, IBS, leaky gut, or any of the other countless gut issues,

I want to be here for you, I want to help you through it, I want to offer you my support.

It is always hard taking the first step of an unpaved journey – especially when you have no idea of where you may end up.